You Can Lose Weight Through Morning Exercise

Which one is better, morning exercise or evening exercise? There are so many arguments and questions being asked around this topic. I’m not going to argue with you on this topic. Instead I want to tell you that morning exercise really can help you in losing weight and changing your life.

I’m not an expert and I just say something base on my own experience. For me, exercise in the morning and evening is no different in calories burning. But there are huge different between them in other factors, here are them:

  1. Morning Exercise can let you exercise first. Everyone of us is busy with our works and daily routine. Sometime it is really hard for us to work out and exercise. So the solution is exercise first in the morning! You can wake up early and exercise before you start your daily routine. You can wake up early or even allocate 20-30 minutes before office hour to exercise.Keep doing this and you can definitely lose weight.
  2. Morning exercise is easier. My personal experience tell me that morning exercise is better and easier. At least after 1 night of sleeping, our body is full of energy. In evening, our body is usually exhausted and therefore it is really “tired” to exercise. But morning is different. Our body is full of power and it is easy for us to run 1 mile in the morning than in the evening.So you will not feel lazy and hard to exercise as it is getting easier.
  3. Morning exercise can help in thinking. I usually feel that after exercise in the morning, my brain can think better and faster throughout the day. I can finish a lot of works in a day and my motivation is high too. This is why I always choose to exercise in the morning especially during the weekdays (working days).

You don’t have to run five miles before breakfast. Five miles of running can put some stress on you if your motivation is not high enough in starting. So keep it simple by doing some simple exercise. You can do a five minutes of slow walk or body stretching. The point here is keep doing everyday and make it as your habit. Then having a healthy life is a reality for you.

I walk on my folding treadmill [] every morning. You can get one for yourself. You can walk on the treadmill every morning without leaving your house. Besides that, a treadmill doesn’t take too much space.